Wednesday, February 01, 2006


My scanner is not picking up some of these Doc Martin's colors. Grrrr.... I might have to just stick with watercolors for online pieces.

Anywho, these pieces are all for my online portfolios. I have one on my site, one on picture-book, and one on ( which I won't be renewing..). After I get my 12 or so strong pieces, I'm sending off a postcard with my best piece. After that, I'm going to work on my picture book manuscript/dummy, and send off some illustrated poems to Ladybug magazine. (GASP) Yep lots to do, and meanwhile I will also be juggling the assigments that keep me fed and watered.


Roz said...

Sounds like a great plan of attack!

Anonymous said...

Good plans, Paige.

So are the inks picking up ok when the clients are scanning the work?


salmonowen said...

Hi Paige, I've been enjoying your blog for quite a while, as well as your brother's. So much talent in one family! I'm curious: I just signed on with childrens, and I'm wondering why you won't renew with them. Also, I think you are so right for Ladybug. Good luck!

Paige Keiser said...

Janee : I haven't really used them yet with a client, and if I do, I'll ask them first about it. It would be an unwelcomed surprise to have half the colors not turn out right in a book. Yikes!

Hi Salmon, thanks for the compliment! :-) As for children's, I'm not saying they are bad because several illustrator friends of mine have gotten jobs from them - I on the other hand have only received requests to illustrate from self-publishers, which I don't do. They are also charging 200 this year which is just too much. I already have an ad in picturebook which cost me a bit. just isn't worth it to me. They might work for you though, so go ahead and check it out!