Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Think Think Think

They say if you can't think of anything to write, you write about being unable to think of something to write. I'm taking that same idea and 'drawing' from it (above illustration of me trying to think of a good illustration idea) ;0) I felt like pooh bear, sitting on his log saying, "think....think.....think....think.."

I did the stress echocardiogram test today. Oh my LORD, they really have you huffin' and puffin! They tilted the treadmill enough to where I felt like I was walking straight up a wall, and of course kicked up the speed. I was hanging on to the hand-bar for dear life haha. Anyways, that test came out, and I quote from the doctor "boringly normal". I'm just glad she didn't look at the result and go "Look at THAT! That's the strangest result I've ever seen. Hey Mary! Come over here and look at this!"

I also secretly hoped they would be impressed with my fitness level (har har). Before the blackout I was running almost everyday. I guess you can lose your conditioning pretty fast because it's only been about 3 weeks since then of not moving around much and I was informed I'm not in very good physical shape. Darn! I'm happy now though, because I can get back to running on my own treadmill again...which I secretly enjoy (as long as I can keep watching my "Wonder Years" DVD collection while running).


hilskie said...

I'm glad to hear that your stress test went well...funny how stress works in our lives...hard to get rid of it, but glad you're doing better. Don't you love it when they tell you you're out of shape? UGH! Stupid doctors...what do they know? LOL!

PS...I really love all your art work!

Ginger*:)* said...

I am so happy the doctor didn't have to yell over to Mary and show her the hills and valleys on your Echocardiogram...and that you are huffin and puffin in the most normal way!

I was laughing when I saw this morning's illustration because I have that feeling so often. It is priceless to see it illustrated your way.

The tablet I recently purchased is the kind you draw upon but it shows up on the monitor, the one you mentioned, the Cintiq, is not available right now and costs over $2000.00 so it isn't in my future at this point. I am very happy with the desk model which is 6 X 8 in the drawing area and it is so shiny new and beautiful. The drawback is that there are some hot key buttons and once in a while my wrist will move over one of these sensitive guys and whoosh the whole page I am working on either shrinks to the size of a pea or expands into infinity. All things considered, it is a joy to have this new toy.

drew said...
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drew said...

Hey Kysr. I wondered where you have been. Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing. I have been wanting to see your work and now I that I see it I love it. Take care scvff

karen lee said...

Hi Paige,

Glad your heart is boring. That blackout business is so scary. I hope they find the cause rather than just rule things out and then scratch their little doctor heads ,shrug their little doctor shoulders and send you on your little way.

deep breaths...

Stungib said...

Hi Paige,

Glad that nothing abnormal showed up on your tests. Hopefully its just a little stress. Take time to breath deeply and stop and smell the roses!

I love the look of your main website. The colors really match your artwork. My favorite pictures are "Dr. Foster" and "Chatty Cathy".

Take care, John (Stungib)

Michelle Lana said...

HOpe all is well, Paige!

June said...

That image is so like me right now.
I have a deadline of tomorrow, and I haven't been able to draw any part of the image yet!

Elizabeth said...

Love this picture - it is SO TRUE!!!
Glad to hear your heart is fine and boring, and hope those doctors get you sorted out soon.

Will check out the Charles Linden Method. Deep breaths and happy painting/drawing/running :-) E