Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Book Dummy Page

My book is coming along very nicely! As you can see from comparing the last few pages to this one, I changed the character design a bit. Of course I had to go back, erase the faces off all the previous pages and redraw those as well-which was kind of a struggle since I had gone over them with a B3 dark pencil lol.

I tell you, it's a big step for me to follow through with my own manuscript, because my tendency is to find something wrong with the current story I'm working on, and abandon ship six pages into the book dummy. I guess I finally have confidence in a story I wrote - one that has lasted through all the difficulties of seeing it to almost the end. I have completed ten dummy pages so far, and my excitement is growing with every step I take in bringing it to life.

I plan on documenting this project into the printing/binding stage (I might possibly use for that). And additionally include packaging info and I'll post all publisher responses both good and bad, without including their name of course.

I'm happy to say I have one extra special contact to send this book to. She's an editor who responded to a story I wrote and submitted while still in college. She invited me to send more work, so of course she's going to be one of the first people I send this too.

As for the health stuff, alls I can do is wait for the medical tests and test results. I guess it possibly could have been an arrhythmia--how fun! Meanwhile I'm keeping my mind on my projects....and staying away from chocolate (caffeine). ;0)


cyplay said...

Remember... don't be a dummy and not finish your book dummy.

Ginger*:)* said...

three cheers for you!!! Finishing this is important and even going back and redoing a page or some text is okay. Good luck with your special contact and thanks for being brave enough not only to finish but to post the pro and con from the publisher responses.

Sorry about the chocolate, but it's almost lemonade season.

Paige Keiser said...

LOL cyplay :0)That's some good advice right there.

Thanks Ginger, and good luck with your projects too! I just joined the Book Dummy Yahooo Group - although it doesn't appear to be very active--and saw you on there :-D

hilskie said...

Hey Kysr...Xena posted a thread wishing that you were playin' Halo with us...and gunner posted your blog I thought I'd mosey on over and say hi!

Tho' you can't play halo with us...I'm glad to hear that you're still able to draw and pursue those things in your life!

We do miss you...and hope this little msg finds you smilin' and well!


Elizabeth said...

Giving up chocolate - now that has to be harder than doing your book dummy!