Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Book Dummy sketch Pages 6-7

Slowly but surely I'm plodding through the double page spreads. I guess what makes dummy book creating so difficulty is the unknown of what will happen to it. What if no one likes it, and it doesn't get published? What if I'm putting all these long hours in for nothing? Well from what I've read, even if a book doesn't get picked up by a publisher, showing a strong book dummy can get you illustration assignments. And even if that doesn't happen, the only way to get better at this is to practice. It sure is exciting breathing life into this story. I wish I could share the full manuscript with everyone. Ah well.


Anonymous said...

Paige I am really enjoying the dummy. Thanks for sharing

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing your dummy and your thoughts about the process. Yesterday I discovered a book was just published that was SOOO close to the dummy I had been working on that I decided to can it. I'm grateful that you posted about a similar experience the other day (although sorry you had to put your dummy aside too!) to remind me that it's just part of the business. Keep up the good work!

gail said...

Thanks for sharing your dummy book Paige. Always fun to see other dummies! Well, that didn't come out right. ;) It's amazing how much work goes into them. I mailed one off last month and all I could think of, as I sealed the envelope, was how could all this work fit into such a small package. I felt like I was forgetting to put something in it!

And you're right, you will learn in the process of doing it.

Good luck,

angelic pursuits said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing, and I often feel the same way about dummy-making! Good luck for following your dreams!

Courtney said...

looks like an awesome book, love the characters and keep up the great work!

Ginger*:)* said...

IT is never for nothing! Your work is entertaining, humorous, inventive and worth every bit of effort you put into it. And you are right, a strong dummy can be the link to being a smartie!

Paige Keiser said...

Thanks Sherry, glad you're enjoying it! It helps to post it on the site, because that keeps my focused on the job at hand--I'm such a procrastinator....I should be a professional procrastinator, how about that?

Gina, I look at this situation in two ways. One, yes it really really REALLY stinks when your idea is already used. BUT, it also means that your idea sold and that you're probably on the right track! Also, Roz at Rozzieland told me that an author (editor maybe?) said that even though your idea might be similar, your TAKE on it might be different enough to go ahead with it. Maybe your pictures or different, or the type of characters. Rethink it, compare you story with theirs.

Thanks very much Angelic! It's actually quite nerve wracking sharing ideas and drawings that aren't fully fleshed out or 'perfect' - "perfect is the enemy of good" though, right?

I appreciate that Courtney, I love your characters too!

Ginger, with all my doubting Thomas'ing' today, I really needed that very kind comment. Thank you! :0)

wynlen said...

The sketches for your dummy looks great! I hope to see your book published!

Anette Heiberg

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE these sketches, thanks for sharing them. Your work is so full of life and interest.
The process is as important, if not more important, than the product. Keep the faith; you are a great artist who is getting better with every mark you put on the page.