Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Star Of The Show

Well here is Jack, star of the show, ready to make mischief. He's going to be the main character of my story. Today in between chores, I'm going to thumbnail more page spreads and also start working on the final pencil illustrations for the dummy. I'll show some of them as I go (and hopefully not give away the story in the process)! Hope other aspiring author/illustrators out there are finding some time to work on their own dream. If I can do it (a little A.D.D. here and Dyslexia there-haha) anyone can.


milo said...

Love ur blogs! U have some amazing work! Keep it up!:OP

Deb Johnson said...

I love how you keep finding more hours in your day...thanks for the inspiration!

Elizabeth said...

Your work is getting better and better the more i see, truly FAB! I like your colours, the warmth of your work and the appealing characters; it imporves daily. Whatever you are doing re: squeezing in more artistic time is working well.

If I, or anyone else, were to admit to secret dreams of having a go at illustration, where would you suggest we begin, please...??!!! E

Paige Keiser said...

Thanks Deb and Milo!

Hi Elizabeth: draw a lot, look at a lot of children's books, and send copies of your work to publishers :0)