Thursday, August 03, 2006

We Won!!

The I.W.I.N. competition is a contest put on by the Smart Writers Journal (click to see the winning entries). I entered the picture book cover illustration section of the contest, along with fellow Picture Book Junkie members, Roz at Rozzieland, Patrice at Pencil Led, and Heather at Humblehearts. And ya know what, we all won! Patty won first place! I also want to send congrats to my blogger buddies Ginger and Sherry for winning as well. Such a talented group of gals!

"Tantrum" won honorable mention. I was actually half sick when I finished this piece - we had traveled to Norfolk to help out with my grandmother, and I was under the weather. I found out about this contest, and had luckily brought my laptop and scanner. I didn't like how it came out at first and almost didn't send it. Glad I did in the end!

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Ginger*:)* said...

Mucho Congratulations Paige. I love this one... and of course all the others your happy inner child creates!
Three cheers for you and all the others. It was a great day the day that you picked up that first crayon. Just think, if you had been a cavewoman, what wonders we would be discovering now.