Thursday, August 03, 2006

Late Night Stroll

I'm a night owl--it runs in the family. And what I like almost as much as drawing late into the night, is taking walks through the neighborhood with my dogs while everyone is sleeping, and the traffic has died down. There's something so mysterious yet comforting about looking up at the stars and moon. Whenever my mind is troubled, nothing clears my head more than a "late night stroll".

I just love when drawings show so much promise in the sketch stage. It usually means that the painting part will be pure joy because all of the problems of the drawing have been solved. I'm hoping it practically 'paints itself' like I'm guessing it will. Hooray! And I have no idea why this popped in my head - I felt sort of under the weather today, but I was afraid I would forget the image, or it would fade too much to remember by morning.

....does anyone else's dog try to attack their printer when they print stuff? I was printing this tonight, and my Jack Russell, Risky, took it upon herself to defend me from the monster HP Destop 940c. She fought bravely and gallantly, but I think bonked her head on the desk in the process. No worries, she back sleeping again. She's the apple of my eye.


Anonymous said... are brave to walk your dog late at night. In my neighborhood it's risky business.I like the sketch though, it's cute. Hope you feel better.

Paige Keiser said...

Thanks anonymous (so what's your real name? lol). It's not bad at all around my neighborhood - although red foxes are often seen slinking in the shadows of houses. They make me a little nervous!

medaydreamer said...

actually Paige my name is Marge and I look at your blog quite frequently to see what you are up to. I'd rather see foxes than some of the stuff that goes on after dark here sometimes.Have a good weekend!

paula said...

Late night doggy walking is special, I agree, Paige. Sam's with us for a week and I take her strolling in The Village in the late evenings.

Paige Keiser said...

HI Marge! A guy friend of mine used to leave anonymous comments so I thought it was him! :0) I look forward to checking out your blog too. Take care :0)