Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Final Sketch

Okay, so here we have the final sketch in blue. Much clearer and more balanced I think. I didn't like the way the vendor's elbow was jammed off the edge of the page, it made him look cramped. So I moved the edge over a few inches to give him more breathing room. I then added the pole to the umbrella as well and removed the writing on the cart. Let's see what else..I put a SHIRT on the elephant. He looked creepy without one and it was giving me the willies. The kid's legs were too short, so I lengthened them and added some meat on their bones. No Waif children in MY art ;-) I then lowered the horizon so it didn't cut the kids in half so awkwardly. Ewww..cut the kids in half?? I know there's a better way to say that but can't think if it, sorry. I think that's about it for changes. Oh yeah, added a hat on the girl to add interest. Now let's hope and pray to God above that this darn thing turn out well in color. I need a good postcard image, stat!

Oops, forgot to mention the mirror image. I did that with photoshop to get a fresh view and after printing it out as a reference, preferred it over the other.

What's with the stinkin' spell check not working on blogger? *groan* And I'm such an awful speller too. Ah well. Oh, found an online spell check, how nice. Worcks grate tew. <---oops! ;-)


Isa said...

thank you very much for sharing your work methods with us!!! your work is so beautiful!

*jenny said...

Really cute sketch Paige! Brilliant move flipping the image. Now your eye travels from left to right and it plays out like a story... kids waiting impatiently... surprise! they're in line behind an elephant... who bought up all the ice cream! Now its a page-turner! Fantastic!

Alina Chau said...

OOOH!! WHat a lovely drawing and theme!! VEry charming and heart warming, full of humor!!

Ginger*:)* said...

Ai dew lik tha gnu veuw! My spell checker doesn't work either. Love those elephant sunglasses and his smile is just right for someone who is about to have the ultimate ice cream headache. Great job, will we see this one in color?

Paige Keiser said...

Thanks you guys!!!

Haha Ginger. Thanke yew! lol