Saturday, March 18, 2006

Color Final

Top Ten Things I Learned From This Piece:

10. I can, once every blue moon, like my own work
09. Ink smears when you accidentally run your hand over it (notice big blotch slightly right of boy's head)
08. Thumbnail sketches really work - God Bless 'em!
07. Dip pen and ink really does add a lot of character to the line. Prefer that now over technical pen.
06. I'm taking a break from drawing rosy red cheeks on kids.
05. I rediscovered Uri Shulevitz while desperately looking for rain illustration references
04. Painting stage is much easier the stronger the drawing is. If the painting is effortless, then that's a good sign the drawing will be successful
03. Did I mention thumbnail sketches? Oh yes I did. Well I'll say it again. They work!
02. Oh crap it's almost 2am. Time flies when you're drawing
01. It's possible to almost fall asleep while blogging...


*jenny said...

This great Paige. You created a lovely scene, very evocative. And yes... thumbnails are a fantastic tool!

Roz said...

My favorite lesson is that you actually liked one of your pieces. About time. ;o)
I remember this feeling you've created Paige. Charming!

paula said...

I used to use those cheap-o little brown pens, running through a nib a day! Loved the slight unpredictability of the line.

Oh...and I like the 'big blotch', which is hardly noticable...really.