Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lend Us A Paw

Hi all, I was recently contacted by Vanessa Brown who volunteers for a Weimaraner rescue league.  They are putting on an auction to raise money and are looking for illustrators to donate a drawing/painting/illustration to auction off--here's a quote:

"The funds we receive from your donation will enable us to provide medical care for the 150+ dogs who come through our doors next year.  It takes a lot of money to care for these animals before we find them the loving homes they deserve.  We have been so blessed by generous people, companies & organizations such as yours.  We are thankful for any support you can provide our organization in our quest to rescue & re-home these wonderful animals.  I would be happy to provide a copy of our IRS paperwork upon request."

I'll be donating an illustration, anyone else out there want to help?  If so email:  Vanessabrown7304 At (I wrote it that way to avoid spam bots).

As someone who has worked for dog rescue leagues before I can say for a fact that even the smallest bit of money could allow one more additional dog to be fed, fixed and fostered.   So yes, one drawing can make a big difference.



Victoria Stitch said...

maybe I will put a drawing in too, great idea!

Alicia Padrón said...

That's great Paige. Thanks for posting about this. I'll try to help an way i can.

I'll be posting this on twitter too.


Anonymous said...

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