Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is a rough sketch for a magazine cover.  Can you guess which one? :0) Still lots of work to be done to it, but I wanted to make sure the art director liked the general idea before I spent a bunch of time on details and tightening it up.

I used to completely bury myself in stuffed animals (my personal bodyguards against monsters and such) when I went to bed.  My parents had to practically dig me out of the pile lol!  I had an orange gorilla that was especially tough, along with my Garfield and Ody stuffed toys.


Phyllis Harris said...

LOVE this, Paige!!!

Mónica said...

Amazing scene! lovely lion :)
i like very much your illustration and details.
Have a nice monday.

theartofpuro said...

Love it!Can wait to see it coloured!I'm sure the art director will love it too!

Loni Edwards said...

Adorable! I am a lover of stuffed animals. I don't have near as many as when I was little. I used to fill my bed and dig a little hole for myself to sleep in. I'd wake up the next morning, and they'd almost all be on floor! Thanks for the fun memory ;) Your magazine cover looks great so far!

mai s kemble said...

HAHAHA- I can totally relate to that!
When I was small, I tucked each of my many stuffed animals in with me and when I was sleeping, tried very carefully to make sure I was giving them their own space in bed!
If anyone fell off, I apologized profusely and put them back!
:) the illustration is adorable- the alligator kills me with the cuteness!!!
like the new ink/wc style too!