Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting It Right

I'd love to be a fly on the wall of other illustrators to see how they deal with problems. Especially lately. I had an idea for a Christmas card, and no matter how many times I sketched it out I couldn't get it right. You know in comics - especially Peanuts - when a scribble cloud is drawn over a character's head to show anger or frustration? I had a big one above my own head while I worked on this last night. Just leave it alone, you might say. Give it some time, take a break. Already did that--several times. To add to it, there's time pressure and pressure in terms of a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people seeing this illustration in the end. And just when I think I'm getting it right, Lucy pulls the football from underneath me. AAAARRRRRRRGH! I say.

I went for a bike ride around the lake today and didn't think about the drawing. I only thought about the colors reflecting off the water, and the falling leaves. I thought about the other biker I passed dressed in a bike helmet and death-metal attire (including looooong goatie)and his surprisingly disarming, friendly smile.

With the minutes ticking by tonight, and the card due tomorrow, I have a half done painting, and it's actually working. Maybe I just jinxed it by saying that, but ah well.

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paula said...

Zowie! I think you and I have been under the same cloud! Yes, yes, yes, I can relate (and I'm struggling with a Christmas card, too). No solutions over here. Doing the same thing as you, just struggling and plugging away until it comes off. Good luck with your card!