Friday, April 13, 2007

The Name is Bond, James Bond

Just little change of pace here. I've been getting more magazine work than ever before this year, and right now am working on a four page piece for the new Highlights magazine, High Five. I can't share any of the sketches/illustrations until the magazine comes out this November (the month of my birthday, a very nice present indeed!). Anyways, I love to watch movies while I work. Even if the movie has nothing to do with the subject I'm working on, it still inspires me. I guess the beauty of cinematography makes me view my books from a more cinematic point of view. Sometimes when I'm thinking of a scene I have to illustrate, I'll actually take an imaginary camera in my mind and move it around at all angles to find the best one. An illustrator can learn a lot about composition and timing from a quality film.

Anyways, one movie that I just can't seem to stop watching is "Casino Royale". The lead actor, Daniel Craig is absolutely brilliant and just perfect for the part. I'm glad too, because there were some mindless fools bashing the poor fella when it was revealed that he would be the new Bond. Well, I guess he showed them, and then some! I can't get enough of the soundtrack tune "You Know My Name" either. It's written and performed by Chris Cornell from Soundgarden:


roz said...

Yeah, I love the theme song from this flick too!
Daniel Craig did a great job in the part. I have to admit, I wouldn't have been disappointed if Gerard Butler had been given the opportunity. hubba hubba. ;o) Still Craig was great. Can't wait til the next one comes out.

Paige Keiser said...

Hmmm who is this Gerard Butler, Rozzie?;0) I'm going to have to do a little google image search to check him out. He can't possibly be more handsome than Craig.

Yeah I can't wait for the 2nd movie. With that and Harry potter book/movie coming out in the months to come I'm going to be a very happy camper!

Elizabeth said...

(Just loved the new bond film - the best of the lot for me. I'm so glad he showed the narrow-mindd critics the door with the fab job he did too.)

I've nominated you for the 'Thinking Blogger Award' Paige... check it out at:

My list, with you in it is, on my Finding Water Diary Blog.

Great stuff here on your blog, so enjoy it. Hard to choose a favourite... I liked: Art Critic Be-Gone, Brave, Easter and Oh Dear, especially, but they are all lovely.
Hope you are feeling a bit perkier, E

Paige Keiser said...

Oh neat!! How cool is that! Thank you Elizabeth!

hilskie said...

James Bond movies are the kind of movies that no matter where it's at in the film, I'll stop and watch.

This movie was sooo good! I got to go see it with a bunch of was great! So far, I've liked every movie I have seen Daniel Craig in. Easy on the eyes...probably has NOTHING to do with it. ;)

Paige Keiser said...

He's only the most gorgeous man on earth...:-D lol!

It was great playing Halo with you tonight Hilskie!! Fun times :0)