Monday, April 16, 2007

Caution: Lion Crossing - rough sketch

This is an idea I've had on my mind for quite a while, but haven't had time to get it down until tonight. The High Five sketch/assignment was very complicated in terms of subject matter, so I put all my energy into making it the best piece I could over the last several days. And of course I can't post those until it's published. I learned a lot in the process as well, especially about the usefulness of unusual perspective. As far as I'm concerned, I just added new and exciting tools to the tool box.

I'm going to rework this tomorrow, explore some other points of view and compositional options with thumbnail sketches galore.


Debbie said...

Hey Paige. I love reading your blog and really enjoy your work. One question ... how do you have time to do all that you do? I'm always amazed at how often you post, the illustrations you finish and wonder how you balance it all. Tell me your secret, please! :)

Paige Keiser said...

Thanks Debbie! I really don't have a lot of time during the day unfortunately. I usually get home around 6 if I'm lucky, and try to draw as much as I can before finally hitting the hay at around 2am (sometimes 5am). Once in a while I get a whole day to myself where I might do several pieces. Often I'll skip preliminary sketches and draw right on the watercolor paper to save time. :0)