Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Creating Stories

It's amazing how much a small change here and there can actually end up effecting a story in a big way. I decided to change the human characters in my picture book manuscript into polar bears, and it really opened up story telling and comedic opportunities for me.

Did you know that the Disney movie, "Robin Hood" was originally about human characters? All of the charm would have vanished if they had gone that direction. Maybe it would have worked, but not in the same way I don't think.

I also picked up Writing Children's Books For Dummies from Barnes and Noble today. Any extra info never hurts, and even though I've been an illustrator and even sent out a story here and there (hardly ever, admittedly) the writing side of things is just as complicated and very different. I'm continuing to charge through though, no matter what.


Liz said...

OH- that Disney Robin Hood just might be my all-time favorite Disney movie. Long live anthropomorphism! And keep writing, Paige!

angelic pursuits said...

Good work, Paige. I really think you have it in you to be a great author. You write your blog with a really fun voice that I think kids will love!

wynlen said...

How cute! It's great to hear that this change improved your story. I'm taking Anastasia Suen's character workshop these days, and today's topic was animal characters.

Anette Heiberg


I really love this one... A LOT!!!