Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Works!

I actually did two drawings for the printer test.  One was outlined in colored pencil and the other in ink.  The printer reproduced both flawlessly!  And to be honest, I was so nervous about going over the prints with a brush and water.  I just knew the ink would run and ruin the colors.  Nothing of the sort happened, it was perfectly waterproof.  Even more so than my Higgens black magic ink, which can still run at odd times.  
To add to it, this watercolor paper was soft press.  Soft press is more textured than hot press, and less textured than cold press.  There were no problems with the ink bleeding or with the line being fuzzy.


Matthew Cordell said...

Nice! Good to know it's cool with a more textured surface as well. Rock and roll!

June said...

Well done for finally getting the Epson printer to assist you! I have used this set-up for some time now, though with a different Epson printer - same archival and waterproof inks.
But for some of my work I still prefer to hand ink the line onto the watercolour paper. I then scan that linework so that if I should make an error... I always have the back up option of a printed version.

Don't forget, the printed line does not have to be black, you can print coloured lines too! Always use the original Epson replacement ink carts though to be sure of the ink quality.

Mônica said...

Great news, Paige! I also tend to use soft press paper along with hot press, so it's great to hear it works with both.

Phyllis Harris said...

Isn't it a wonderful thing?! To be able to just print and paint!!! So happy for you and your new toy!

Paige Keiser said...

Each day I love it even more! I should get it a soft pillow to sit on - I'll be babying it as much as possible. I already have nightmares about this printer no longer being available one day after mine inevitably breaks. lol :)

AtelierBrigitte said...

Great results!