Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My New Studio Companion, Alfredo

Introducing Alfredo the studio mouse.  He was supposed to be a "feeder mouse" at Petco where people basically buy them for their snakes/lizards to be eaten alive. :-(  But now he's going to have a long (well, mice only live 1.5-2 years) happy life. (Video is available in HD - just adjust the settings on the bottom right).


christine grove said...

Hi Albert! We have a Mr. Cuddleypoops at our house. Bet you two'd get along just fine:)

Michaele Razi said...

Cuteness! Nice to have a little company when you're in your studio!

Loni Edwards said...

Hi Paige!
What an adorable little guy! We have 3 ratties at our house. They are so much fun! So busy and smart! I liked Rufus Wainwright on the vid too :)
Happy Holidays,

Patricia Cabrera said...

Since everyone is sharing...I must too!!!*grin*
I have a amazon parrot that greetings me in the morning like this ;"Loro quer cafe" withmeans, " Loro wanna coffee", then Juju - the ferret, mattie the sheepdog, 2 miniature chiauaus, few cats ( Barn cats) , sheep, a miniature horse named Cheddar,sheep and my loving dairy cow Hershey!!!AND I could take alittle mouse any time!!!
He is adorable!!!!!
Oh Yes...I forgot Ben's snakes too!

I so enjoy your posts!!!!

Michelle Henninger said...

Aww Paige, good for you for saving little Albert! He looks very, very happy!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Albert is lovely! Those little rodents are just too cute :)

June said...

Hello Alfredo, I am so pleased you joined Paige in her studio. I look forward to seeing lots of lovely illustrations of you having adventures.

No living mouse should be sold as live snake food... it just isn't polite to mice.