Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm going through my usual process of driving myself insane trying to choose a style for my manuscript.  Friends and family are no help either because everyone likes something different.  As for me, I'm leaning towards the pen and ink mostly because the story is VERY goofy and silly, and has lots of scenes that will require dramatic crying and whining (in a humorous way).  A there's nothing like the magic of a dip pen to cook up emotion with the flick of the wrist (after drawing something a 100 times first of course until it's right).

But then again, I'll probably wake up at 4am and change my mind.  It's times like these that I really wish I had one style that I knew and loved and could call my own.  Maybe one day...


Alicia Padrón said...

Hey Paige! I am loving croc illos :o)

I have to say that I think you do have a style and I can spot it miles away. I always know and recognize any work done by you.

I understand you are playing with mediums, sometimes pen sometimes not. But it is all still you. You are definitely a one style kind of girl sweetie :o)

I do love the fact that you are experimenting to see which medium could best get the feeling of the book across. I think if this is such a humorous book the pen and ink is the way to go and you kind of know it already because I read it from you a couple of times on your blog. So go for it!

I know, I am like you and always have my doubts at the beginning. I guess it's easier to tell others than one self what to do huh? LOL

Have fun with this one Paige!! xo


Phyllis Harris said...

I agree with Ali! I can always spot your style whether you use pencil or pen and ink. Either will be fantastic! and btw, this one is gorgeous!!! :O)

Diana Evans said...

oh your work is wonderful and I am sure it will come to you....just follow your heart!!!

theartofpuro said...

Me too I agree!Everything you do there is your style in it:)Love your gator!

Michelle Henninger said...

I know I'm late getting aboard this post, but I concur with everyone else. You absolutely have your own style. You just use different means to convey it, and there's nothing wrong in that! I think you should go with whatever feels right at the moment! And it will be a Paige Keiser original!