Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Way Back Into Love (Illustrated by Jimmy Liao)

Images are from the book "A "Chance of Sunshine" by Jimmy Liao.  Video created by youtube user: broadcasthere.

Make sure to watch at full size: A Way Back Into Love

Haley Bennett
Hugh Grant


mai s kemble said...

... that was such a treat!!!!
I loved it!!

so very, very sweet.

Mónica said...

Ohh :) thank you for share this beautiful video :)
I know this wonderful book. Have a nice tuesday

June said...

Thank you for sharing this video.

Phyllis Harris said...

Wow! This is sooooo sweet! What a treasure!

Paige Keiser said...

Hi Mai, Monica, June and Phyllis! Isn't it beautiful? It makes me all misty eyed every time I watch it. Make sure to view on youtube's site full size. The blog frame cuts off some of the edges of the movie for some reason. I'll post a link to that actually. Thanks for commenting.

Paige Keiser said...

P.S. Oh I forgot to list the singers too (one of which is Hugh Grant, can you believe it?).

Shirley said...

You must grab a copy of "Music and Lyrics"
You won't be disappointed. I love Drew and Hugh in this film. He is so charming in it and she is so sweet. I think you'll enjoy it. I love the song. Thank you for posting this..the illustrations are wonderful set to this!