Friday, March 12, 2010

How Cool is This?

Recently, I was approached by LuShae Jewelry to write a review about a product of my choosing, and of course I jumped at the chance.  I love their designs, and here's the kicker, I got to keep the item for free.  I didn't even have to pay shipping either, so thank you LuShae!

Above is the ring I chose, entitled "Kissing Hearts Ring", created in a Rhodium- High Lustre finish, it retails for $64.00 on the LuShae website.  It really has become one of my favorite rings.  And let me add, there were a couple days when it mysteriously disappeared.....want to know why?  My grandmother, who has alzheimer's disease (but still knows something pretty when she sees it) had at some point wandered in my room and picked it up off my crowded dresser.  I thought for sure I had lost it forever, but then later found it on her finger.  Now we share the ring :0)

So, I really couldn't be happier with their product, and I already see plenty of other beautiful pieces on their site I'd like to get.  As an aside, I did a bit of of Googling and some research before I agreed to do this in order to protect my readers, and so far I've read nothing but rave reviews about their costumer service and products. 

Anyways, thanks again to Sarah and I do apologize for the delay in writing this post.  I had a couple deadlines to attend to. 

You can visit the LuShae website here

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