Monday, July 20, 2009

Dav Pilkey Book Dummies!

If you need some inspiration while you're working hard on your own book dummies, check out Dav Pilkey's site. He has posted the full mock-ups of some of his books along with stories about how he got them published! Great stuff from a great author/illustrator. Enjoy!

My favorite posting is "Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving" because he struggled so hard to get that one published and finally found a publisher (the 26th one I think?) who had some sense! Look out how detailed it is - he almost didn't need to paint it in the end, it would have been great in black and white as well.

Who knows how long these treasures will stay online, but I intend to download each book onto my hard drive :-D

***Edit: another link added by the very talented Woody Miller. Thanks Woody!


woody said...

Thanks Paige! I LOVE the new painting of Antonio. Here is another good reference for book dummies. There is a great show running at the San Francisco Center For The Book and these video's are great little peeks into the illustrators minds. If you're anywhere near SF, check out the show!

Paige Keiser said...

OH thanks for the link Woody! Now I'm wishing I DID live in San Francisco...but alas, I'm on the east coast! :-p

mai s kemble said...

how awesome was this info? I LOVED seeing the "sketch dummy"! very cool.