Monday, July 20, 2009


This is my little side project: a character study for another story I've written. I've decided never to submit a manuscript without a full dummy/mock-up ever again. I dare say I think I lost out on getting one published because of not doing so. I should always present my work under the best light possible, don't you agree? Ah well, lesson learned.

It's 1am.... time to get some book dummy work done :-)

I'm not giving up!


mai s kemble said...

interesting little dynamic here with the cow looking very matter-of-fact but that duck and pig don't look so sure... :)
hope that you DO land a publisher for your story! yes, don't give up! you are such a hard worker I'm sure that will shine through :)
I've read other posts where you write about how hard you work... it's very admirable!

Ginger*:) said...

I totally agree. That is why it is really worth it to take some time to create a good looking dummy and one that does justice to the characters you want to give life to. You are smart to do so. Your characters have such charm and little lives of their own that any good editor would want to see how they interact with one another, the organic flow of the story and your wonderful interpretations. You have such a wonderful gift!

Phyllis Harris said...

You go girl!! Never give up or the world will miss out on some great books! :o) Love this piece!!

roz said...

Adorable piece, Paige. And that's for sharing your experience with the dummy/not dummy submission. I am going to do the extra work and do a full dummy too.

roz said...

THANKS, I meant.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Paige and I agree. Only give steller work to the publisher. You want to stand out and that will do the trick.