Friday, December 12, 2008

"Raj" Continues to Evolve

Now that the publisher has chosen the lighter style I've done some tweaking to the characters to match the tone of softer lines. These are some more quick color sketches - I drew these right on the watercolor paper without any thumbnails as I just wanted to make sure everything is working well together including color choices and line variation - and also wanted to ensure there was good chemistry between the kids and Raj. These are outlined with plain ol' graphite- the colored pencils kept breaking every time I tried to sharpen them to an extra thin point. Graphite held up better. The white kitty, Snowball, is kind of the villain in the story - a very fun character to draw since he has such an attitude.


Anonymous said...

I love the blushing cat, it looks so gentle and sweet! I find graphite smudges so much when I use it for outlines. Is there a magical secret to it?x

Candace Trew Camling said...

these are beyond beautiful!!

Phyllis Harris said...

I love seeing these character sketches and how you develop your characters. Very cool to see!

Your characters are as charming as ever!

Mônica said...

Yes, your character sketches are delightful, so full of charm and personality.

I have the same problem as Jess above, though: whenever I use graphite it tends to smudge. is there a particular kind that withstands watercolor washes better?