Monday, December 15, 2008

Loose (messy?) Sketches

I'm a very very messy artist, aren't I? My studio is fine, but when I draw it's always in a rush of energy-- and smudges and paint spatters abound. I've tried neat and tidy, but I guess that isn't me.

And I know I'm not that picky about what I put on here. I don't pick ONLY my best stuff - I just post everything, bad experiments etc. I guess I like to look back through my blog and see how I'm growing as an artist. And I think people like to see mistakes.


Candace Trew Camling said...

you have a wonderful outlook, but nothing you post ever looks bad!! I like to post all kinds of things too, if I only posted the things that were perfect I would have a sparse blog!
these are cute!!

Jess said...

Me too, I'm a very neat and tidy person but my artwork is something else (hence the Messy Jessie name!)I enjoy blogs that have sketches as well as the finished pictures, in fact I actually prefer to see the rough drawings!x