Thursday, August 07, 2008


I've finished the dummy book for "The Little Green Pea" so while I wait for comments from the editor and art director I'm going to begin the dummy book for "Raj". Right now I'm doing some small spot illustrations using different styles to sort of test what would be best for the text. The art director pointed out several different styles from my portfolio that she liked so I feel I can experiment and still stay within the realm of what's expected of me. Once I find a style that fits, I'll send the color samples to the art director/editor and cross my fingers that they agree with me.


paula said...

That's a beautiful sample piece, Paige.

Phyllis Harris said...

I love your colors! So vibrant and fresh.

It's so good to see you back on blogger. I know you've been so busy but boy have I missed seeing your blog posts every day. You've really had me spoiled! I come to check everyday to see what you have created new.

You really are an inspiration! :o)

Paige Keiser said...

Thanks Paula! I gotta go catch up on your blog and others as I'm way behind. Whateverings is always good for a smile. So witty, whimsical and full of humor.

Wow, Phyllis thank you kindly, and you're an inspiration to me as well.