Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dont You Just Hate It When...

Don't you just hate it when you feel inspired to draw and paint, but have tons of chores and (life things) to do first? I feel like I'm a kid at school all over again watching the clock inch it's way to 3 o' clock. I'm especially excited about this new creative upswing because my usual inspiration has been wavering a bit - something that never fails to worry me, although I know it shouldn't because it always comes back.

I of course couldn't be more excited about my current projects, but part of being an artist is weathering dips in crativity. It's easy to forget that part of your duty (yes duty) as an artist it to keep igniting that flame. It doesn't always happen on its own. I have my list of things I do when I don't feel excited about drawing for several days (or even weeks at times if I'm stressed or something). First I look back at artist's work that has inspired me. Then I search libraries, book stores,, etc for new artists - and there are always new artists that I haven't discovered yet. The latter idea usually works the best. I also have this scrapbook published about William Joyce that's a sure fire choice. It has all sorts of his early sketches that quickly remind me why I began this wonderful career in the first place.

Well I'm off to do my 'have-tos' such as picking up my newly fixed, once water damaged laptop - argh. Don't ever leave any water/liquid near your laptop! It's a fast way for your 3 dollar Aqua Fina bottle to suddenly cost you 1,200 bucks.


Phyllis Harris said...

I know exactly what you mean, Paige!

But I'm going through a dry spell right now, creatively. I am beginning to get caught up on work and FINALLY have some time to create something just for myself and just can't seem to get in the zone.

It's so frustrating...I dream of getting this free time and then ...nothing...a blank page staring back at me. But I also know that creative zone will eventually come back. I've been through it enough times to at least feel sure of that. ;o) The funny thing is it seems to always come at the worst possible time, like right in the middle of a tight deadline!!

To get inspired, I often stop by ;o)

Good luck with all your errands!

Kristi Valiant said...

Awww... $1200 for a water spill - yikes! I did that once, but it just got my external keyboard, so it only cost me $30.

I love looking through new artist's work and other artists that I adore to kickstart the creativity drive too. Warm wishes on your big projects!