Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More On the Previous Post - The Cupcake Study

(cupcake painting by Duane Keiser)

First I want to say thanks for all the wonderful comments and tips on the previous post!  I actually started this post as a comment, but then decided it was waaaay too long.

I saw this fascinating study on a news show a while back.  Some researchers placed elementary school kids in a room, one at a time, with a delicious cupcake in front of them.  The child was instructed by an adult not to eat the cupcake for fifteen minutes - and then the adult would leave the room.  I think (I can't remember the details) if they didn't eat the cupcake they would get a reward.  So they filmed these kids while they stared longly at the sweet desserts and took note of who was able to make it the whole fifteen minutes, and who either took little nibbles or ate the whole thing before the time was up.  It didn't end there.  They followed these kids into adulthood.  The ones who exercised self-discipline and didn't eat the cupcake ended up being more successful than the ones who couldn't wait.  It was just one study of course, and a slightly goofy one at that, but interesting none-the less.  

The whole point of this story is that I would have eaten that cupcake before the fifteen minutes was up.  I'm an instant gratification type person - and yes I'll often pay the extra money to get my books delivered overnight.  So taking extra time on a sketch before I go to my favorite part (the painting) is extremely difficult and challenging.  But I know with the way I work, I have to sketch a lot.  Some people don't!  Some artists can lay down a great idea right from the start, and I wish I was like that.  But I have to build it slowly through careful careful planning or it ends up a waste paper basket illustration.  It just took my a while to figure that out.  :0)


Phyllis Harris said...

Oh man! I really want that!!! :o) I wanna know how your brother was able to only take one bite before finishing the painting?!

Laura Zarrin said...

I've heard of that study. There's no way I wouldn't have eaten it asap. As a matter of fact, I may have to go to the store and buy one of these! Just for nostalgia's sake, of course. Beautiful painting! If I tried to paint that it'd be a painting of crumbs.

Anonymous said...

I love the top illustration - fantastic reflection and shadow! Paige I've given you an award if you'd like to go to my blog to see. :)

Paige Keiser said...

Phyllis - I know what you mean! I have such a weakness for chocolate cupcakes and cake!!

Laura - me too! I think the last time I ate one of those was in high school. It's time to reminisce hahaha

Thanks Jess! I think I might end up redoing it though, still no a hundred percent happy with it. Hmm maybe it's because I rushed it? lol. Sheesh I need to take my own advice. Ohh, thanks for the reward, I'm clicking on your site right now to check it out.


Great story! The "nibble" and "big bite" guys are probably all become great artists... the only difference is "the nibble guys" probably sketch more before put the color on. :O)

Jennifer said...

Hi Paige-- I haven't visited for a while but this and your previous post are really good food for thought. (Baaad pun, I know... it's Friday!)