Monday, March 17, 2008

Character Sketch

Since I like working with a looser line, I've decided to have two styles - the charcoal style and a pen-ink/watercolor style. One thing I've noticed while playing around on this particular picture, is the less I touch my brush to the paper (in other words, finishing the boy's hair with one strong layer of paint as opposed to several built up layers) the more vibrant my colors. I think I read in an article a long time ago that the more you use the brush, the more you 'upset' the threads of the paper, and the color quality suffers. I guess that's what they mean by working a painting to death.

These were drawn pretty quickly, just to test out some things.


Isabel said...

Hi Paige, even if you drawn pretty quickly the result is beautiful :) I love the happy face of the hippopotamus

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that tip Paige, I'm never sure how much layering I'm happy with.

Tom Barrett said...

Nice quickies. And yes, nice tip.