Tuesday, February 19, 2008

King Pig

It's good to be king because kings get to eat more.

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Anonymous said...

Paige I wanted to leave a comment on your post above about getting a manuscript accepted this year , but for some reason it wouldn't let me.

I think it's a very realistic goal for you and I do think your passion for the kids market shows through in your work.

I am like you, I keep finding one more thing to tweak in my work. I have found that I just need to say "It's Done."

Here are my thoughts. Your book will be snapped up not only by the content and illustration but by the passion seen and felt through your work. I think the editor/art director is going to see and feel this passion in the dummy and they may not see the last few tweaks you think might be needed. . .they will just feel a fire in their heart of wanting you to work for them.

I say go ahead and put as much passion into submitting your manuscripts as you do in your work. . .I think it will work!