Sunday, February 24, 2008


Here are some of my goals for this year:

1. I want to have a picture book manuscript accepted by the end of the year. Is that realistic? If not, I don't mind aiming high. If I try my best and at least get some stories circulating out there, I'll feel I've accomplished something. I keep getting so close to sending a package out, and then find something wrong. Such as "oh, that ending wasn't as strong as I thought" or "wait a moment, that art style just doesn't fit with the story." I want, of course, to send a book that's solid, but this will either be my strength or my downfall--not sure which. To say I'm passionate about children's books and their creation is an understatement. It's something I eat, sleep and breath. Hopefully this fact will show up in the form of competent skill in what I create (book-wise) down the line.

2. I keep hearing that it's best to have a style of art that people recognize you by when you start out. If you're successful I suppose you can start to meander and try new things, and I'm aware that I try all sorts of media and styles because, well, I find it fun and exciting. But in the end I would like to have a 'style'. Not only does it help promotion-wise, but when you get really good at your style, it begins to seem effortless. If it's effortless, you can think more about what you're drawing instead of how you're going to execute it.

3. Last but not least, I'm going to write a bit more in this blog. Not quite as long as this, as I want to conserve my wrists for drawing--but at least a paragraph or so here and there. I'm not that great at writing about MYSELF--because it quickly bores me lol--and may bore other people. But I'll try.

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John Nez said...

Admirable goals. I suppose the secret is if you enjoy the process.

I have to say, I've been so dissappointed in the 'process' of working on this new book of mine, I have added one new goal for my future... to get into landscape painting on canvas! Phooey on books and editors and art directors and waiting around forever and a day for someone else to make a decision!

As for styles... I guess those are like noses. You're ususally stuck with the one you're born with.

But I think your style is just fine... I'd probably like your nose too! lol!

Writing? That's also fun... and inevitable when one spends all day alone thinking about things.