Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Little Video I Made For Robert's Snow

This video features the first auction of snowflakes. I apologize for the typo in the word "November".


June said...

A very nice tribute to the snowflakes in the first part of the auction.
'Good luck everyone' on the bids for your snowflakes.

Phyllis said...

What a beautiful song you chose for the background music. It really conveyed the spirit of this event.

Prayers that this year's Robert's Snow will be a huge success!

Ginger*:)* said...

Just lovely Paige, and such beautiful music. I know all of us hope that the money raised will bring us one step closer to finding the cures that are so desperately needed. Your flake is 'delicious!'

John Nez said...

What a lovely little movie! Great music... even though I'm allergic to 90% of Xmas music... except for that magic 2 weeks once the tree is finally up.

I think I almost blushed when I saw my little snowflake up there at the start! I painted mine on the hottest day of the summer... 97 degrees.