Sunday, May 13, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

This is long overdo, but better late than never right?

1. I'm a HUGE fan of video games. My brother and I both grew up playing them, and now so many games are made for adult geeks like me. The graphics are beautiful, and the soundtracks are as good as or better than movies. I especially love the WWII genre. They're historically accurate so you get to play through actual famous battles. The video game industry is huge now - for several years, video games have bipassed movies in earnings
2. I love food that's bad for me. I eat well like I'm supposed to, but what I really want most of the time is the stuff that makes you age early, and end up on a dialysis machine by the time you're 40. What I love: hot dogs, hamburgers, pancakes, chocolate cake, donuts, bacon, BBQ Ribs, Pizza, Fried chicken, biscuits dripping in butter, white bread and jam, fast food, Taco Bell, McDonalds, microwave dinners, cookies, pies, pastas.

What I eat: brocolli, chicken, all sorts of veggies, sandwiches, cereal, oatmeal, organic frozen meals, yogurt, soy milk etc...

I often wonder though...if bad food was good for us, and good food was bad for us, would I crave the health food? Nah.

Strangely enough, I love working out and weigh lifting.

3. I run from bees. I don't care what the social situation is, I up and flee. I'm an allergic person, so don't want to wait and find out if bee stings are on the list. Other bugs don't bother me at all and I actually find them fascinating---I find nature fascinating.

4.I find Tom Hanks very attractive! He's not the typical Hollywood hottie or anything, but I just love the whole package - he's exactly the type of guy I would go for.

5.I played fast pitch softball year 'round from the age of 10 and one season I hit home runs almost every time I stepped up to the plate - we won all our games because they put me at cleanup (meaning fourth batter) and I kept hitting everyone in. The next season my vision got worse and I had to get glasses....that was the end up my batting abilities. Although I still hit well, it was never as good as that one magical summer season.

6.I stay up really late when I work. My whole family is made up of night owls and I'm no exception, so I'm guessing there's a genetic predisposition. I often try to make myself fit into a more normal schedule of sleep, but it's a constant fight. I always want to stay up and late and sleep late. My best work seems to come about after 12 am.

I'm going to cheat and add another, and I think this falls more under 'weird stories that are gross'. My older brother was in ROTC and sporting one of those military buzz cuts. Well one day when he was visiting (I was 12 I think) I was eating Captain Crunch cereal at the table, and he was sitting in front of me watching TV on the couch. His noggin was a mere foot and a half away from my eating area. Well suddenly I was overcome by the most explosive sneeze whilst holding a rather large load of captain crunch in my mouth. Needless to say the little yellow particles stuck to the back of my brother's shaved head like velcro. I thought it was very VERY funny at the time. Especially when my brother turned around and asked,"what's so funny?"

Well that's about it!

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violetismycolor said...

I'm not sure who doesn't like to eat what they shouldn't...but nice list.