Saturday, January 20, 2007

Not Moving After All

Okay, I tested out the new blog a bit, and fully intended on going there, but the address of the actual blog is just to ridiculously long. Plus the real feeling of it being a Blog wasn't there - I didn't like a blog intro page - people usually want to be taken right to the articles, as I do as well.

However, I will be keeping this iweb site as my regular site for my portfolio and bio etc. I just love it.

Okay so I am staying with Blogger after all. Now if only I can figure out all this html stuff so I can design this site the way I want it. Wish me luck.

Recent Tiger illustration:



Great work, Cow girl. So cute and nice!... as always!

Alina Chau said...

cute kitty!!

Sherry Rogers said...

Paige cutest kitty illustration!

I am not great on the html code, but if I can help in anyway let me know!