Friday, November 24, 2006

One Man's Trash......

You know that famous question, "if you could be a fly on a wall at any moment, where would you like to be?" I'm sure there are a lot of amazing times in history I would pick, but on the subject of art, I would love to sit and watch the experiments of some of my favorite illustrators. It's nice to see the finished product, but what of all the sketches and pictures that didn't make it in? That coveted waste paper basket full of rejected art work. Maybe even diamonds in the rough that never see the light of day?

Today my brother Duane, who's visiting for Thanksgiving, was doing another painting for his A Painting A Day blog. He worked for several hours - it was of a flower vase next to a mirror. From what I saw it looked beautiful. Next thing I know he's heading up stairs. "Are you done?" I ask. He walks into my room and asks for a paper towel.

And that was it - he wiped the entire painting off the board, and it was gone forever.

I'm sure my brother and I are not alone in this. Right now there are illustrators and artists working feverishly on new styles, new colors, new ways of applying medium, burning the midnight oil in their studios. And we all have our 'filled to the brim' waste paper baskets of rejected art work. I guess it's all part of the process of growing as an artist.

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