Sunday, September 04, 2011

Dummy Book In the Making

I strung a couple pieces of wire across the wall in front of my desk so I can hang the dummy book pages and see them all together.  It's really helped with seeing the flow of the whole book while I work (some of the first few pages are missing because they're in my sketch book).  I'll be starting a second version of the book here soon in a square format with some tweaking--I really want to get this one right and it's been quite a challenge!


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Love seeing process. Looks like a fun one !!!

June said...

Great idea with the wire for the pages, it helps to see the flow and the page turns.

I don't have any clear wall space in my studio, so I have my current bookspreads taped to a sheet of clear plastic draped in front of my bookshelves! (Keeps the books dust free and is good to tape onto.)
As I complete a spread in colour, I can cross it off with a red cross, and it is a great feeling to see the book's progression.

Scribbles and Books said...

I love seeing the process unfold! I like to use this wire curtain holder from IKEA, it comes with clips and everything! I love the artwork! I like June's idea, too!

Paige Keiser said...

Oooh that's a great idea June!

Oh and I'll have to look for that on IKEA, Scribbles and Books (what is your name btw?)!

Thanks Elizabeth, definitely a fun one, but very tough too because I'm really pushing myself hard on this book. I want it to be 'the one'. Something that gets a publisher's attention.