Monday, March 28, 2011

Child At Heart Gallery

As someone who loves to study the illustrations of my favorite illustrators, there is nothing like getting your hands on an original piece of art.  I've been buying art from the Child At Heart Gallery for the last couple of years and have found some real treasures.  It's neat to see what kind of paper the illustrator painted on, and get an even closer look at how they created the art (reproductions are nice but there is always something 'lost in translation' - such as color differences and tone etc).  I recently bought a small David McPhail illustration for 25 dollars, and that included shipping!  I got it only a few days later too, you just can't beat that. 

Anyways, I wanted to post about this for other children's book lovers, not only to promote a great site run by some very kind people,  but to also help keep our favorite illustrators in business by buying their art work.  That way they can continue to produce beautiful books to feed our souls and inspire us :0)

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