Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chasing Dreams

The reason I've titled this post "Chasing Dreams" instead of "Chasing Fireflies" is because the act of chasing both is so similar.  Like chasing a dream, you start off in the pitch dark feeling a little lost and unsure of a direction.  Then all of a sudden, you see a small light in the distance.  Whether it be an idea or a whim of inspiration, you tear into the night running that direction....but when you get there it's gone.  Maybe the idea you had works, but not quite. Then you see another tiny light in a different direction and you run with all your might to catch it.  You swing your hand, and you almost have the little bug in your palm, and you feel its wings flutter against your index finger before again disappearing.  At this point you sit down in the grass and wonder if you will EVER catch that firefly.  And just when you're about to give up, because the bugs have trickled into nothingness and it's growing late and pass your bedtime, an extra bright light sours through the night sky.  It's at perfect eye level, and it's traveling a little slower than the others.  You feel deep inside yourself that this is it, that it's the right light to chase.  And catch it.  Before you let it go to chase another.


Adelaida said...

Nice way of comparing :) It's often like this, even while making small projects - you catch lots of ideas one by another and sometimes it's hard to decide which of them is the good one; so you wait for that bigger and brighter one :) (or make something small and not-so-shiny if you have not that much time for waiting)

Mary Lou said...

I like what you wrote--I sure can relate to chasing a dream :)
I also like your night scene, the lighting and shadows. I so struggle with ligting. Best to you!!

christine grove said...

This is a great way to put dream chasing into words. Might have to stick it on my fridge;)

lil kim said...

Yes, they are elusive, dreams. Hard to catch, and then when you do, you only look to the next thing.

I think it's maybe a curse of being an artist/self-employed. but I think it also means you're always striving for better things, which is good. we all just have to remember to sit down and pat ourselves on the back sometimes, and let the fireflies come to us once in a while!

all the best to you in chasing your dreams dear Paige (and I have to say, from my perspective, it looks like you've caught a few!! :)