Saturday, May 09, 2009

Things to Be Thankful for As An Illustrator

"This book was illustrated using..."

Don't you just love when they include this information in the copyright info of books you admire?? I'm only unhappy when they say 'mixed media'. Which media did you mix? More details please!


HOLLi CONGER said...

I love that too!! I'm always looking.


Exactly!! : )

Mônica said...

I too look forward to information about the illustrator's media when looking through picture books. For a long time it didn't used to be mentioned, but it has become common practice with some publishers now (though not all!)
Even when I was in library school, I thought the media should be mentioned on the catalog record so that books could be searched by media as well when searching the library's catalog!

Michelle Henninger said...

I totally agree!! I LOVE THAT!! I sit done to read to my girls and I always stray on that front matter page trying to find out how the illustrations were done, to which they say "oh, come on mom, read!" :)