Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sketches From Early Reader "Ines Y Desire" and Some Thoughts On the Process

This reader has been a good learning experience and challenge for me, mainly because there isn't much direct action in the story. No flashy perspectives or exaggerated movements to rely upon for a dynamic presentation. So instead I needed to concentrate on more subtle things like body language and expression to keep the illustrations interesting.

The bottom illustration asked for the mother to be putting the girl's drawing in an envelope. I added my own little side story by having the girl leaning on the mom's arm in a very warm and close way --she's probably on her tippy toes, but it's only suggested, and she's barely able to see over her mom's arm to see what she is doing.


Gina Perry said...

Really nice sketches. I definitely got the 'tippy-toes' pose, and I love the expression on her face while drawing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paige! These sketches are really nice. They convey exactly what you want them to say.Excellent!

Kate said...

Very warm and loving - I can feel it in the relationship between Mom and daughter. Very nice!

Phyllis Harris said...

I really enjoyed hearing about your process. It's very enlightening and you definitely conveyed the point beautifully. Great work!

Paige Keiser said...

Thank you! I'm still learning, but I was extra happy with these. Looking forward to doing them in color.

Funny thing--I was alerted to the fact the little girl has five finger and one thumb--hahahahaha! Whoops. :0)

John Nez said...

Yes it it a special challenge when there's not much action in a story. I had a book once where 90% of the pages took place around a child sick in bed!

Look like you've gotten some good sketches going here.