Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Okay, I'm Done With My Break

I couldn't stay away for long, and the new scanner didn't help things. It kept calling out to me....Paige....Paige...come see what I can to your blog.... I'm still ironing out the kinks as far as color settings, but it's fast and quiet and all around excellent.

A friend of mine back from college (ugh...I just said 'back from college' ...was it really five years ago??) recently had a baby named, Adam!! So above is my gift to her. You can't see the penciled words at the bottom, but it says,"Welcome to the world Prince Adam".

Here's a bit of news. And I'm only sharing this to warn other illustrators of the possibility of this happening. When I went on my trip I stuck an original illustration in a book so it wouldn't get bent. When I got back, I forgot about the illustration....and RETURNED THE BOOK TO THE LIBRARY. Needless to say I will be up and over there as early as possible and hope that no one decides to check out the book before I arrive.


Ginger*:)* said...

Welcome Back! Glad the scanner knows your name. I love little Prince Adam. What a lovely gift to his mom, and what a kind and generous artist you are to give so much to others. Hope you can find the book you are looking for in the library.

You have the advantage of being young enough to at least REMEMBER where you left your illustration!

Kactiguy said...

Nice little illo. I'm glad your break from blogging didn't last long. Bummer about the library and the lost art... hey, sounds like a mystery novel. Hope you find it.

Rafael Santiago said...

HA... I knew you couldn't stay away. In any case, it's nice to see you back and sharing with us your wonderful illustrations.

Shena Leonard said...

CUTE little boy!!! (=

Also, I noticed the link to you from the blog ring isn't working. I googled you and found your blog, but you might want to look at the link on the blog ring.

Shena (=