Monday, December 04, 2006

Flags Of Our *munch munch munch* Fathers

You know how you're trying to listen to a very serious film, and somewhere, sitting a mere few yards away is a noisy eater? Crinkle! Crunch! Smack! Slurp! You want to say something, but know it will cause a ruckus, and then you would REALLY miss the movie. Well I was that noisy eater. I bought a sandwich with VERY crinkly paper (argh). "Flag Of Our Fathers" is a serious film - up there with "Schindler's List". I was starving, my stomach felt like an empty cavern; I pulled out that sandwich and ...CRIIIIIINKKLLE! Oh no, I thought. I waited for moments of loud drama, or music, during which I would hastily unfold this chinese paper sculpture of a sandwich. Then, quiet dialogue..I would stop. More loud music, more unfolding. Oh it was dreadful! So finally, after very careful timing, I finally got the sandwich out!

But then...crunch crunch crunch....darn those cucumbers!

Excellent film by the way.


Ginger*:)* said...

Cucumbers will get you every time!

Anonymous said...

That kind of thing never happens at "Sponge Bob: the Movie."
Love the use of color in this illustration. It adds to the mood.

Paige Keiser said...

They're so loud, aren't they? I love them though!

Hahahaha Kevin. You're right! Thanks for your comment on my use of color - painting is my favorite part of the process.