Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Time Away

Well I've been a bit under the weather for the better part of the last few weeks. And in addition to that the Scholastic project is no longer a go for me, although I'm happy to at least have been considered for such a large project. So, as they say, back to the drawing board. If you're going to start again, somewhere with paper and paints is as good a place as any.

My crit group, The Picture Book Junkies, started a little exercise very similar to Illustration Friday, although this one is on a monthly basis. Our theme is Growth, and above is my sketch. I'll post the links with their images tomorrow with the posting of the full color version of my own entry. The PBJ's have been a Godsend for me - I'm so lucky to get to brainstorm with such a wonderful and talented group of artists.


Steph said...

That sucks, but if you're on their in their minds for possibilities like that, you are in a great place- more opportunities will come...but it does suck- I went through the same thing with the book series that is coming out as a companion to the the "Biscuit" the dog series....poop. Just remember that it's all subjective...

Roz said...

I went through this with a three book series. The Art Director was so excited to find my style and was behind me 100%.
I was so thrilled, I couldn't believe it! Then suddenly...nothing. No word on whether I was the illustrator or not. Weeks later my rep (at that time) emailed me and said that she finally got a hold of them and the editor decided to go with the original illustrator they used for the previous books.I was absolutely gutted.
But I guess the lesson here is to just press on because there are other assignments just around the corner. You Rock!

PS Love the sketch!

Ginger*:)* said...

Yep... back to the old drawing board... and isn't yours a honey! Think of it this way, you were noticed for a BIG assignment, we know you would have been able to do, and so do you. But now instead you have a more valuable gift.

And it's obvious that you are putting it to good use. This illustration is wonderful on so many levels!