Saturday, April 22, 2006

Series Schmeries..

Well the Scholastoc series might not be mine to illustrate. Ah well. We shall see. Until then, I'm back to coming up with new portfolio pieces for the new website my agent is putting together. Plus some BW work, posted below.


Ginger*:)* said...

If Scholastic is smart they'll have you illustrate their world!
Any child would love to immerse themselves in your wonderful little adventures. These BW pix are really interesting. I am studying the series of little pictures and trying to put them together in some set of things. I don't know if they are supposed to belong to the same set of things, or if they tell a story or if they need to begin with the same sounds. So far I have "hurt" "hairbrush" "hear"
then "salad" and "sling"... I can't seem to fit the plowing of the field in there... but don't mind me. I love their little outfits~

Anonymous said...

These are really nice... I'm about to check out the rest.

Steph said...

Phooey....I hate that..thinking you're "it" doing and audition piece(?) find out maybe not...sigh...I went through this not too long ago for a series which would have meant a less stressful existence for a few years...oh well....Still, you don't have your verdict yet- AND your work is going to provide you with many more opportunities no matter what-