Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jazz Club Waiter

I'm going to be submitting a poem/illustration to Ladybug Magazine. It's about an "underground" jazz club--the "underground" being literal of course as the band is made up of bugs. I haven't drawn many bugs in my career as an illustrator, so I'm figuring out what the characters will look like before I complete the sketch and send it along. This will probably be one of the waiters.

Also, since I like to read what others use on their illustrations, I'll do the same:

Inked w/ micron pen-#05
Bug colored w/ watercolors, background done with FW inks and Dr Martin's dye
Canson watercolor block hotpress

I'm waiting for my rotring rapidograph pen to come in from DickBlick. Also, a word to the wise. Their 'waterproof' ink is NOT waterproof (I found this out the hard way..). It bleeds w/ watercolors. I've been informed that you must buy the waterproof FILM ink.