Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Under The Weather

Sorry I've been away from my blog, I've been a bit sick. I'll be back in full force soon though. Meanwhile, I'll get back in bed, watch some movies, read some Calvin And Hobbes books. It shouldn't be too bad :0)

Here's a new sketch I was working on before the "ickies" hit. It's an illustration of the Mother Goose Rhyme "Little Boy Blue." Still in its rough stages...


michael k said...

nice shetch. I like the dancing sheep.

Roz said...

Oh my gosh, now that is just adorable!
Hope you're feeling better soon.

PS. Hey Paige...can you do me a favor. Someone on my blog asked if people using blogger can reply to comments via email. Can you? I have no idea since I'm not using them.
Tanky Tanky!

StunGib said...

Hi Paige, Love your page and your style of illustration. My daughter is 17 now and it's been a while since I have read her a book. Too bad your books weren't out when she was a little girl.
Look forward to seeing you on XBL!


Dave James said...


Cute drawing. I look forward to seeing it in color.

Hope you feel better soon!

You didn't answer my last email. What is your opinion about me posting some sketches from my book which I am shopping around to pubs at the same time?


Paige Keiser said...

Thank you Michael - yeah that sheep is a goof, huh? He definitely likes a good party!

Hi Roz, I emailed you the blogger info, hope it helps!

Stungib! Thanks for dropping by, I didn't know you had a blog too. Had fun browsing.

Dave, post those sketches, I wanna see!